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Looking after your eyes is critical each day of the year, but when the sun shines brightly on a summer day it becomes vital to wear the correct sort of glasses. The classic Wayfarer by Ray Ban are a staple in several dudes’ stash, and aviators are still running strong for both sexes. Both men and women swooned at the images of Tom Cruise and his pilot comrades sporting leather flying jackets and the all-important Ray-Ban Aviators. In 1992, the ray ban mirror sunglasses wayfarer film Reservoir Dogs, fake ray ban 54mm which has been acclaimed as having ray ban glasses in karachi the best opening sequence have characters appearing in Ray Bans. RayBans Aviators were originally designed for the U.S. Airforce in 1937 as protection for glare and UV rays.

This ensures you will have the best choice out there on the spectacles market, with the same available for prescription sunglasses. They have more than 20 years of experience in optical manufacturing where they have provided their expertise and products for a number of major high street opticians. The next smaller number in this case is a 15. That’s going to be your actual bridge measurement.

Unlike other fashion sunglasses, the lenses in aviators ray ban folding aviator large are gently curved which makes it a great wrap-around” sunglass. Women could wear a beautiful black trench coat with trendy black boots and wear black aviators to complement the look. The classic Wayfarer sunglasses along with Aviators have been tagged the most sold sunglasses in history.

First, I recommend checking flea markets and thrift stores – they frequently sell old frames (usually ray ban style frames without lenses) that you can either fix up with prescription lenses or leave lens-less. As a side note, if you’re looking for unique lenses for prescription glasses, flea markets ray ban naocare za vid beograd make for an excellent resource – you pay next to nothing for them and can find some truly unique pieces. I should have kept my big glasses that I wore for years after the current fashion became smaller. I couldn’t believe the glasses salesguy insisting that these frames were actually in vogue right now. A text message will bring a Mexico City dealer to the customer’s doorstep with a menu of high-end buds for sale at the swipe of a credit card through a smartphone reader.


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