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How To Troubleshoot An Auto Air Compressor

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If the vehicle has a PCV fiber filter located on the inside of the air cleaner housing, slide the U-clip buy nike free 4 0 V2 in store free and replace the small fiber filter. Hook the refill hose up to the connector on the Low Pressure Side of the air conditioning system.

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Check the low side switch for power with the air on. If there is power, jump the connector and see if the compressor comes on. If it does, the switch is bad. If there is no power, check the fuse for the air conditioning in the fuse relay box under the hood. If they seem to work properly, but have no effect on the air at all then a fuse will need to be replaced. If the sound does not increase with increased air or there is no sound at all then the blower motor will need to be replaced.

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